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Port of Tripoli Extension Works Phase 2 - Lot 1, Tripoli - Lebanon

Type of Project: Port Extension and Marine Infrastructure Works
Duration: July 2004 – March 2008
Client: Office d’Exploitation du Port de Tripoli
Consultant: Groupement Sogreah - Best
Contractor: Groupement Hydromar - Jan de Nul
Contract Amount: USD 28,600,000

Main Project Characteristics:

Breakwater Construction: 3,600 m
Quarry run: 1,100,000 tons
Rocks (1-15 t): 920,000 tons
Concrete foundation piles: 750 m
Accropodes (9 & 12 m3): 3,500 units
Pre-cast concrete: 460 units
R.C. Seawall: 34,000 m3
Steel: 3,200 tons
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Project Description:

In a plan to expand the second biggest port in Lebanon, the Tripoli Port Authorities “OEPT” have launched in 2003 the Port of Tripoli Extension Works Phase 2 - Lot 1, a project aiming at increasing the Port’s water basin to 140 ha and placing Lebanon at the forefront of the maritime trade between East and West. The Joint venture Hydromar – Jan de Nul was awarded the Project on 7 April 2004.

The project consisted of the construction of:
  • A 2 x 20 m span pre-stressed concrete bridge founded on piles 27.5 m long connecting land to the existing detached main breakwater
  • The widening of the existing breakwater over a length of 1350 m
  • The extension of the existing breakwater with an additional length of 1000 m
  • The construction of a secondary breakwater with a length of 1300 m

A variety of land and marine equipments including Self Propelled Split Barges, crane barges, flat pontoons, crawler cranes and long reach excavators were used for the execution. In spite of the security problems that rocked Lebanon in July 2006 and North Lebanon in May 2007, the JV succeeded in completing the original and additional works in March 2008 according to schedule, to the satisfaction of the Engineer and the Client.
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